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Welcome Class of 2018

Hello Class of 2018 and parents of Rising Seniors!  The best time to schedule your student's high school senior portraits is July and August!  Most school yearbook deadlines are the first week of October and we all know how incredibly busy the first month of school can be especially if you have an after school job or are in sports.  I am now booking the rest of July and the first week of August.  I will open up the rest of the August calendar as needed. Sessions are all created on-location.  I have several favorite spots and am open to your suggestions as well.

EGRHS senior photos
class of 2018 senior photos

I have a few different session options to suit a variety of needs and budgets:

Signature Senior---$475 ($425 for sessions booked by August 8th)---this is a full length session with varied locations and wardrobe changes and includes yearbook photo and 10 digital files for personal printing

Short & Sweet Senior---$150---this is a mini session for those who would like to be sure to get the professional yearbook photo without any fuss.  Sessions are created at one location with one layered outfit and last about 30 minutes and includes yearbook photo and 2 digital files for personal printing

Additional files and printed products are always available for purchase with either session option.

high school senior portraits
grand rapids high school seniors

Do you want to be photographed with your group of friends or your twin? I offer referral discounts and sibling specials.  Send me an email to find out more, ask your questions and get on the schedule!  denarobles@gmail.com

egrhs senior portriats
Senior Portrait Sessions Michigan
Class of 2018 senior portraits

I hope to hear from you soon!  denarobles@gmail.com

EGRHS Class of 2017

It certainly IS that time of year isn't it?  High school senior portraits, back-to-school photos, and fall family mini sessions are keeping this little photographer happily busy!  The film scans from Zach's recent downtown Grand Rapids session were filtering in to my inbox this morning and I quickly grabbed a few favorites and then a few more and then a few more to share.  I can't express enough my love of shooting film for ... well, everything.  

East Grand Rapids Class of 2017 portraits
EGRHS Class of 2017 senior pictures
Class of 2017 senior portraits Michigan
Downtown Grand Rapids senior photos by dena robles
East Grand Rapids High School senior portrait photographer
Rooftop portraits for Grand Rapids high school seniors 
Zach was photographed downtown Grand Rapids on Kodak Portra 400 film using a Contax 645 and Canon Eos-1v, processed by my lovely partners at ProPhotoIrvine.

A quick call out to all West Michigan High School Seniors, if your yearbook deadline is early October, it still isn't too late to book your session with me.  Even though I shoot film, I have some options to meet your deadline.  Also, if you would like to do a quick yearbook-only session now send me an email ASAP to get on my calendar, I'd love to work with you.  (e) denarobles @ gmail.com

Work Date with Cam

This little guy of mine turned 9 years old this week. I don't know if NINE feels much different than EIGHT for him, but for me it suddenly feels like a leap from being my baby.  TEN just feels so much closer than it did a week ago.  He is a deep thinker, an adventure lover, a sensitive friend, a complex student, and a constant companion.  He spends a lot of his mental energy being conflicted while trying to figure out his exact place in the real world, and also being immersed in an imaginary world suited to whatever his latest obsession is.  Right now, it is everything Dr. Who. A month ago he was Jeff Gordon and an absolute expert on every and any race car.  Next month?  I can only guess, I'm just along for the ride.  I am happy we can have our coffee dates in the back corner of The Sparrows here in Grand Rapids.  I learn a lot in the process about the nature of being Cameron. He uses his sketchbooks to simultaneously tell the stories in his imagination while also contemplating his heart.  "I've been feeling the depressive coming"   "I wonder when my maturity will come?"  "I think my humor is coming back."  So Cameron, I don't know of the places you will go at TEN, or NINETEEN or FORTY-SEVEN, but I call ShotGun along the way.

black and white film at The Sparrows in Grand Rapids
Acros film portrait Grand Rapids Michigan
black and white film lifestyle sessions grand rapids
Dena Robles, Grand Rapids Michigan film photographer
coffeeshop photography sessions Grand Rapids Michigan
Kids on film, West Michigan photographer Dena Robles
simple classic bw film portraits, Acros, The Sparrows coffee and newsstand
coffee dates with cameron Pentax K1000, Acros, Grand Rapids, Michigan