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High School Graduate Photos

Over the years of photographing high school seniors I’ve had so many students and families realize the importance of documenting this ‘growing up’ milestone. Somewhere around age 12 kids and parents don’t often interact with each other in photographs. Annual family sessions don’t keep happening annually, and all the ‘memorable moments’ seem to happen separately from each other, and thus, the family camera is not pulled out as much. Granted, teens are taking their own selfies with filters and posing with friends…parents are still trying to grab a shot now and then but are often greeted with hands covering faces or silly expressions, pulled faces or my favorite ‘the death stare.’ A high school senior portrait session is much more than a yearbook photo. It is a culmination of a forming identity and a display of newfound maturity. It is often the last ‘formal’ photograph created until wedding photos or corporate head shots. I’ve had many students return to me to purchase photos from our senior session for graduation announcements, college applications, press releases for awards earned, publications in college etc etc. It’s more than a yearbook photo, it deserves more than an iPhone snap or mall kiosk, or even a photo from Dad’s big-camera-with-the-lens-that-changes-and-everything. Even at 17 or 18 years of age, teens are still more receptive to working with a professional. And at 17 or 18 years of age, parents belong IN the picture with their youth, not behind the camera. Next time it happens could be in wedding photographs. yikes.

Here are a few favorites from my recent session with Josh. I was delighted to have his mom jump in for a few photos!

high school senior photographer Dena Robles
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Class of 2020 graduate portraits

Josh was photographed at Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids Michigan by Santa Barbara based senior photographer Dena Robles. His session was shot on Kodak Portra 400 film with Contax 645. Senior sessions are still being offered in both West Michigan and Southern California. Please email dena @ to book your session

Forest Hills Central Class 0f 2018

It is that busy time of year for all of us.  We are winding down the summer bliss and gearing up for the new school year and the upcoming holiday frenzy.  I do about 90% of my portrait shooting in 2 months of the year...which is right now!  Here is a small showcase of one of my early planners (love those) for high school senior portraits.  This is Ryan, Forest Hills Central rising senior.

high school senior photos west michigan
grand rapids senior portrait photographer
forest hills high school senior photos
Grand Rapids senior portrait photography Class of 2018

If you haven't booked your Senior Photo session yet, don't panic, there is still time!  I will always do whatever I can to fit you guys in.  As a parent of a recent graduate, I know what a tremendous milestone this is for families.  I also know how many times over the course of senior year a professional head shot is requested for different publications and high school graduation activities.  Parents, think about this for a second...your child's next professional photo opportunity could be at their wedding.  gasp!  Do this now.  You'll thank me later.  Then the wedding photo can wait for years and years.  :)   drop me a note,

Welcome Class of 2018

Hello Class of 2018 and parents of Rising Seniors!  The best time to schedule your student's high school senior portraits is July and August!  Most school yearbook deadlines are the first week of October and we all know how incredibly busy the first month of school can be especially if you have an after school job or are in sports.  I am now booking the rest of July and the first week of August.  I will open up the rest of the August calendar as needed. Sessions are all created on-location.  I have several favorite spots and am open to your suggestions as well.

EGRHS senior photos
class of 2018 senior photos

I have a few different session options to suit a variety of needs and budgets:

Signature Senior---$475 ($425 for sessions booked by August 8th)---this is a full length session with varied locations and wardrobe changes and includes yearbook photo and 10 digital files for personal printing

Short & Sweet Senior---$150---this is a mini session for those who would like to be sure to get the professional yearbook photo without any fuss.  Sessions are created at one location with one layered outfit and last about 30 minutes and includes yearbook photo and 2 digital files for personal printing

Additional files and printed products are always available for purchase with either session option.

high school senior portraits
grand rapids high school seniors

Do you want to be photographed with your group of friends or your twin? I offer referral discounts and sibling specials.  Send me an email to find out more, ask your questions and get on the schedule!

egrhs senior portriats
Senior Portrait Sessions Michigan
Class of 2018 senior portraits

I hope to hear from you soon!