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Jose Babushka's

In the middle of the U.S.A, nestled between two Great Lakes is the little city of Grand Rapids Michigan. In the corner of Grand Rapids is Gas Light Village in the heart of the city of East Grand Rapids. In the middle of it all is the comeback queen Jose Babushka’s. Long time Grand Rapids history is brought back to life in a fusion of rustic tradition and trendy modernity. With stone work and reclaimed wood, mixed with glass and steel, a warm and inviting community atmosphere away from the bitter cold winter weather. A Mexican menu with a Polish twist. This is a combination that makes perfect sense in Michigan, especially in Grand Rapids where the vibrant city is stretching its legs and going through its own renaissance to make a mark on the foodie world.

Jose Babushka’s Mexican restaurant in Gas Light Village
jose babuskas host.jpg
Jose Babushka’s East Grand Rapids Michigan Restaurants
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Restaurant food styling and photography by Dena Robles
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Tacos at Jose Babushka’s Grand Rapids Michigan Mexican restaurant
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