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one person one roll of film-pismo beach

The calendar tells me it the first week of autumn, the warm sun outside tells me it still feels like summer, and by the magic of film that was shot a few months ago and is finally being published today, it is only JUNE. June, I’ll take it any day. Here is my girl India hanging out under the pier at Pismo Beach California. When the calendar said summer, but the cool breezes had her wrapped up in a Turkish towel like it was only spring. :)

one person one roll pismo d.jpg
one person one roll pismo b.jpg
one person one roll pismo c.jpg
one person one roll pismo e.jpg
one person one roll pismo aa.jpg

India was photographed by me at Pismo Beach with a Canon 1V and on Fujifilm. The film was processed and scanned at home…which is why it is 3 months late! haha. PLEASE, go see Washington photographer Charlene Hardy, who is a mastermind at photographing her own children monthly AND processing and scanning her own work in just a few short hours. GOALS.