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10 on 10 February 2016

Last month I posted a series of ten sun drenched film photographs from our holiday trip to Puerto Rico.  We experienced more than a bit of climate shock to return to the frozen north and we seemed to develop this 'look' between us.  The silent look that whined "I want to go baaaaack." 

Back to reality.  This month's series of ten film photographs were shot on January 10th.  Winter in Michigan, the direct contrast of winter in the Caribbean.  Winter in Michigan, where I cower indoors under multiple wooly layers, feeling like a bear hermit-ing  away deep in a cave, always looking out the windows. And since I have no choice but to go outside many times a day, always yearning to be back on the warm side of the glass.

winter in michigan, editorial photography by dena robles
editorial film photography by dena robles, grand rapids michigan
grand rapids michigan film photographer dena robles
Pure Michigan, winter photos in grand rapids michigan by dena robles
home interior editorial and lifestyle photographs, dena robles grand rapids michigan photographer

Today the ground is bare, the snow has melted and the sun shone for a day, but it is frigid cold and the snow will likely return.  I take my dog for her daily walk and as I dream about hot days at the lake and tending my vegetable garden in bare feet, I notice the tiniest green crocus and daffodil sprouts braving their way through the earth.  And I know the worst is behind me.

Fellow photographers Bethany and Charlene also shared 10 film photos this month.  Please go view Bethany Petrik's blog from Woodland, CA which will then lead to Charlene Hardy's.  


10 on 10 January 2016

Winter and I are not the best of friends.  Too much cold, grey, lack of sunshine, and outdoor activities I enjoy.  However, I am thankful for the forced hibernation for a month or so and for the chance to slow down, reflect and hunker down into my craft a bit.  I do imagine if I were living in a milder climate I would still find a way to  do all this though, so snow and frigid temps are not necessary!  

As always, I have a few photography projects brewing in the background of my commercial photo jobs.  This year I am focusing on a weekly project I will unveil soon and also this monthly project: 10 on 10.  On the 10th of the month I will release 10 film photographs on a theme.  Simple as that really.  The following photographs were actually created on Christmas day during our Puerto Rico vacation while my daughter and I shared a walk up the shore of Playa Flamenco.  Enjoy!  

Beautiful Playa Flamenco Culebra Puerto Rico shot on Fujifilm by Dena Robles
Editorial and Lifestyle Photographer Dena Robles in Culebra Puerto Rico
Playa Flamenco Culebra Puerto Rico Fashion and Lifestyle Photographs
Travel and Lifestyle Photographer Dena Robles at Playa Flamenco Puerto Rico
Fisherman at the tank on Playa Flamenco Puerto Rico
Photographs on the beach from Culebra Puerto Rico