learning photography

Student Work from Grace

Grace was also in my Fall 2016 Teen Photography Club.  If I recall, she was sent to class so she could "become her family's personal photographer."  No pressure, Grace, no pressure at all.  :) 

I think you are going to do juuuuuust fine!

Teen Photography class Grand Rapids MI
Teen Photography Class taught by Dena Robles in West Michigan
Natural light portrait class for teens

In other news, there is now a dedicated page on my website for the photography classes, check here: http://www.dena-robles.com/classes/   The next series of Teen Photography club beginning this Saturday is full, I will schedule another one in the spring.  The next Kids and Cameras class for 4th/5th/6th grade students begins on Sunday and there is one spot left at the table--  (e) denarobles@gmail.com