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Color Colour Lovers and Pink

Last week on the Instagram Color Colour Lovers challenge my task was all things PINK. There is very very little pink to be found in my house.  As I captioned on one of my pink photographs "I only work in black, and sometimes very very dark grey."  (I AM Batman.)  The funny thing is, color pops up everywhere when you have your eyes open to it.  Every time I spotted something pink my heart did a little somersault.  Pink in all this dreary grey sky and slushy brown snow...I'll take it.

Color Colour Lovers Pink, by Dena Robles, Grand Rapids lifestyle and editorial Photographer

Color Colour Lovers

After returning from a technicolor tropical paradise I am living in a cold, cold world covered in snow, everything around me is wet, white, mostly grey and sometimes icky brown and slick.  I am craving warmth and color!  I stumbled across this tumblr from Xanthe Berkeley and took her challenge to inject some color into my winter.

Here is one week of my hunt for RED RED RED.  All iphone captures, keeping it simple and quick!  I did take waaaaay more than 9 photographs, but this project (for me) was meant for a great little Instagram grid.  :)  

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