graduation photos

EGRHS Class of 2017

This is a big year in my home and a big year for us in our community.  When my son is a senior and graduates, it feels like half the town is graduating...I've watched these kids grow up together since we moved here in 6th grade!  I've watched you in band concerts, football games, school trips, service projects, team dinners, regattas, school plays, driver's ed, Winter Whirl and Prom, in the hallways and hanging out in the village.  Congratulations to all the families in our graduating Class of 2017!  

Here is Kaja, whose parents wanted to commemorate this milestone in their family with cap & gown photographs.  I am booking more sessions this weekend if you want to do the same.  Quick and simple, promise.   (e)

Kaja 2017.png