one person one roll of film summer

I have a little travel-everywhere Pentax K1000 which was loaded with Ilford HP5 film. Sometimes, especially in the summer when the film is black and white, that roll can stay in the camera for ages. I have a 2nd Pentax K1000 loaded with color film too and that one gets used more often. This roll of Hp5 was used up at the beach, but over several different visits, mostly with my beach loving boy. Black and white film grain, sandy skin, wave splashes and ocean misty skies are a delicious combo. I’ll do this summertime black and white more often! Processed by ProPhotoIrvine, scanned (with loads of dust) by me.

1r1k summer e.jpg
1r1k summer 19.jpg
1r1k summer 19a.jpg
1r1k summer 19c.jpg
1r1k summer 19d.jpg
1r1k summer 19b.jpg
1r1k summer 19cc.jpg

My friend Juliet Schwab has also posted her One Roll One Kid this month and you can see it here :