one person one roll of film february

As a human, (especially as a parent) you always assume you will have all the time in the world. Time to do this, time to try that, to go there, to love them, to be with them. I’ll do it tomorrow, there is always next week, next year will be different. Minutes turn into weeks, weeks into years and then time has slipped by. So now time looks like this “I have some time Saturday morning before I go to my job, after the dishes are done, after the dog is walked, IF my favorite shirt is clean, IF it’s a good hair day, AND the rain stops and I STILL have time to get to my job. Let’s squeeze in our photos then.” Okay, yes. NOW is the time.

one person one roll feb19a.jpg
one person one roll feb19b.jpg
one person one roll feb19c.jpg
one person one roll feb19d.jpg
one person one roll feb19e.jpg
one person one roll feb19f.jpg
one person one roll feb19g.jpg

I photographed India (after the dishes and the dog walk, before work at her job, just between rainstorms) on a Saturday morning at Santa Barbara Mission Historic Park with my Contax 645 on Portra 400. One Person, One Roll of Film, BAM.

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