I just want to say...

thank you to Art School for putting photography in front of me when typesetters and protractors threatened to get the best of me.

thank you to my mentor for putting a camera in my hands to appease my youthful angst and giving me a fresh view on life.

thank you to my early career in psychology for teaching me about the importance of human connection and that all we ever need in life is the knowledge we are important and worthy.

thank you to life for bringing so many wonderful people in front of my camera over the years and helping me realize that we all want to be remembered and have our stories shared.

Life is Art.  

Let me curate the stories that make up your life.


 I often have a few creative and fine art projects in the works and will put out a call for models and collaborators.  If you have interest or an idea for a collaboration, the best way to contact me is by email-- denarobles@gmail.com.  I have worked extensively in and often travel to Portland OR, Grand Rapids MI, Boston MA, San Fransisco CA, and London UK.  Ask me about adding your city to my schedule.


Dena Robles

Santa Barbara CA based Lifestyle and Editorial Photographer //  (e)denarobles@gmail.com